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About Me

Ever since I began trading  in 1994 I have been fascinated by the relationship between colour, space and design in woven art, and am dedicated to discovering rare and unusual examples that delight the eye. I have travelled extensively in the East to hunt for rare antique textiles, and have also been involved in establishing new weaving projects in China. I have also had the opportunity to lecture and write about carpets and about new oriental carpet weaving activities in China, and am currently a contributing editor of "Hali" magazine, the leading international journal of antique carpet and textile art.

Over the years I have participated at many UK and international exhibitions and antiques fairs, such as Olympia Fine Art Fair London, the Hali Fair, and the Battersea Decorative Fair. In April 2011, I launched the inaugural London Antique Rug and textile Art Fair (LARTA) which looks set to become part of the annual events calender.